Thursday, June 11, 2009

SCROLL DOWN!!! There are 3 new blog posts! The first one is "Last Week of School". I still need to post Kate's 1st birthday pictures, but it's 1 am and I'm tired!!!! I'll try posting tomorrow! Also, I will not be posting again for 2 weeks because we go to Disney World next week (YAY!) and then church camp. This is my first time to Disney World...any pointers???

Summer Fun

We have only been on summer vacation for a week and a half, but it has been so much fun already! I love being off with the girls. I WISH I were a stay at home mom! I love my job, but I love my kids MORE! Here are some of the things that the girls have been up too...

Posing by the couch. Kate loves to walk around from room to room. She loves to pick up things, throw them down, and move on to the next room. I spend a lot of my day going around and just making sure the doors are closed because she will get into ANYTHING!

Playing outside! We love it outside. We have 2 cute dogs who Abby loves to play with too!

Watching a little TV. Kate doesn't watch TV, except in the morning she will watch a little Mickey Mouse. Abby had been watching the Sprout channel and had left the TV on. I saw Kate watching Chicka, this little chicken, and I had to get a picture! So, NO my baby does not watch TV except for a little Micky Mouse in the morning.

Abby has successfully learned how to ride her bike withOUT training wheels. We tried this a few months back but we were unsuccessful. I was cooking dinner and Michael was outside with the girls. They called me out to show me what she could do! She hasn't put her bike down since! She learned in less than 5 minutes! I was impressed :)

Here's a video of her trying to master her bike riding skills!

I was cooking and got something out of the fridge and it didn't close all the way. Look who opened it up! She gets into EVERYthing I tell you! She wanted water as you can see!

Abby wanted to watch stars the other night. We were outside watching the stars and moon. She wants a telescope to see them with now!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Abby's 2nd Ballet Recital

Abby had her 2nd ballet recital. They performed "Beauty and the Beast." Abby takes ballet and tap. Her class were the "Flowers in the Palace Garden." She had 2 dances, tap and ballet. They were SO cute! I just love watching all of the little girls get up and dance! They are too cute and too funny!

She LOVES being on stage!

Here are some of the girls that were in the recital.

She had to sit on stage at the end of one of the dances.

Loves to pose!

The fun part about a ballet recital is the flowers. It is so much fun getting all the flowers afterwards. Most girls love this part...Abby is no exception! ha

You can't see the pretty flowes in the vase that Michael, Kate, and I got for her. You can barely see the top of them.

I also got her a necklace with ballet slippers on it. You can kinda see it here in this picture.

At this point it was 9:30 and Kate was out! So that is why she is not in this picture.
We can't wait for next year's recital!!!

Last Week of School!

Here is Abby on her last week of school! She had a wonderful year at her preschool and I am so sad to leave. We will be back when Kate's ready though! Here are a few shots of her on her last day. They painted these shirts to wear on the last day of school because they were having a "Under the Sea" day. Too cute!