Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day

As I said in my last post, I've been so busy lately with the end of the school year, ballet, and soccer, that I seem to be posting things a week after they happen. So here is my Mother's Day post! I had a wonderful Mother's Day. I am so blessed to have happy, healthy children. My two beautiful girls are the center of my world and I love them so much. Every Mother's Day is special, but this one was extra special since it was my first one with Kate. She is quite the talker and walker these days. She spends most of her days just walking from room to room looking for something to get into. As she walks she also talks. It's something you would just have to hear. I'll try to get a video of it and put on here. We went to a Kindergarten preview day at Abby's school she will be attending next year. I LOVE the teacher that she will have next year. We actually went through the teaching program through college together. Going to this made it seem so real. We only have 3 days of preschool left. So sad!

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Last night I had so much fun. Rarely do I get to go have dinner with just my GIRLfriends. I had dinner with 2 of my good friends, Jessica and Janie. It is always so much fun to get together with them. We laughed so hard that we cried. I always have a great time with them. We need to do it more often! are some pictures of Mother's Day, breakfast, and a birthday suit shot of Kate!

What a smile!

This is "Take 1". Of course Abby is NOT looking at the camera since Kate IS smiling AND looking at the camera. It looks like she is just looking at Michael in awe :)

"Take 2" Not that great a shot of Kate, but it'll do.

Kate LOVES to eat blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

This cracks me up. I had her clothes off because she was about to take a bath and she ran off. I found her looking out the back door at Dixie. You have to understand, Kate probally spends 40% of her day looking out the back door at Dixie, she LOVES that dog. I had to get a shot of this. She'll probally kill me one day! ha

Friday, May 8, 2009

Abby Celebrates Mother's Day and Kate Walks!

May and August are my 2 busiest times of the ending (yeaaaaaa!!!!) and school starting. I am pulled in a million different directions. Since my last post, Kate has become quite an accomplished walker. I put up some pictures of her walking, but if you keep scrolling down you can see her in action. I call her "little Bambi". For about a week she would take a couple of steps, start stumbling to the side, and then fall. Michael was constantly asking her what she's been drinking. You would have thought her formula was spiked! ha Yesterday, Abby's class had their "Mother's Day Tea." This is a cute little tradition that her preschool does. Last year I was 37 weeks pregnant, about to pop, and I cried through the whole thing. My emotions were at an all time high, and I was so scared about how this new little baby was about to come into our lives...Would I have enough time for Abby? Would I have enough time for the baby? Would Abby still realize that I love her? All these questions...and the answer to all of them....YES!!!! So, this time I was faced with a whole new set of questions and fears...This is it for will starting BIG school be? Will she stay this sweet forever? I am happy to report though that I only shed a few tears...not blubbering like last year. At this year's lovely tea they had a cute little plate that they had drawn on and decorated, a cute little hat pin for me to wear, cupcakes and fruit that they had prepared, and a picture that they decorated with answers to questions about their moms.
Let me read you Abby's answers to questions about me:
My mother's name is Shanna.
My mother is I think 15 years old.
My mother weighs 9 lbs. (I WISH!!!!)
My mother is 5 feet tall.
Her favorite food is pasta. ( I do like pasta, but I LOVE mexican food!)
I like it when my mother cooks macaroni.
My mother's favorite place to go is Wal-Mart (I laughed so hard at that one!!!)
When I am at school my mother is at school-teaches kids.
She was pretty close on a lot of them. :)
I also put a video of Abby's class singing their ABC song.
Here is Abby singing her songs!

The 3 girls...Best Friends...Abby, Kate, and Aryn

They're so cute...I wish they could go to school together next year!

Singing pretty :)

Here is the whole class. I'm going to miss her preschool so much. I just love it!

I thought this was so cute of Kate. CrAzY hair!!!

This picture is kinda blurry, but it was such a cute shot of her walking.

This cracks me up!!! She is running, laughing, and trying to catch me all at the same time.

No clothes....It's HOT here in Arkansas...and sticky!!!!

Look at those legs! Precious!!!

Wouldn't you love to know what they think?!?!?
Here's Kate WALKING!!!!!!

Michael was outside working on something so Kate was standing at the door watching him. You will also notice her bow hanging down off the side of her head. The child can't ever seem to keep her bows in!