Monday, August 17, 2009

Not me!'s time again for Mckmama's "Not Me" Monday!
When I was putting up clothes Saturday in Kate's closet, I did not dress her in one of the outfits that I was about to hang up because I didn't want to take the time to walk 10 feet into Abby's room and get one of her hangers because Kate was out of them. I would not put my toddler in the same outfit that she wore the day before when she has soooo many clothes in her closet that I can barely fit another outfit in there... that would be just shameful. Not me!
I did not for the second week in a row skip church on Sunday night to watch "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." And I do not have a crush on Regis!!! Not me!
After seeing me for numerous weeks in my ghetto and falling apart black sandals, watching me walk around with only one sandal (because one of them fell apart) of the outside of our church looking for "The Promise Land" with my Wednesday night kids group, and reading about my pitiful Wal-Mart journey in my last post, my good friend Kacee did not take pity on me and go out and buy me not one, but TWO pairs of black sandals! Not me! (I love you Kacee!)
And ...after buying me those two pairs of sandals, I did not carry one of those pairs of sandals in my purse Sunday morning because I was afraid that my black heels would hurt my feet to much by the end of church! Not me!
One night last week Michael was playing racquetball and I had put the girls to bed, so I was the living room...with the TV remote all to myself. I did not use that precious, rare moment to watch "Sonny with a Chance" on the Disney Channel....and really enjoyed it! I would never do that by MYself...voluntarily...Not me!
After hearing the "8 Point Lesson Plan" that I'm going to have to start writing for every single lesson, I did not actually consider that maybe I won't last another 21 years in teaching before I can retire. Because I feel like I'm fresh out of college! So young and excited about EVERYthing! Not me!
And....during our family game night, Michael and I did not get so irritated with each other that he got up in the middle of our game, stomp off like a 2 year old, and refuse to play with me! Not HIM!!!! And I did not think that I did permanent damage to our daughter who had to witness how immature we both were....Not us!
And there you have it...this week's edition of Not Me Monday!
***I'm really going to try and get on here and post some pictures of Abby's 1st day of Kindergarten this week! :(

Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me! Monday

So today I'm going to join in on the "Not Me" Monday! Mckmama posts her own "not me" Monday' can read them here. We are not perfect, and it's funny to read about how "not" perfect other people can it goes...

This morning when I heard Kate cry out to let me know that she was up and ready to start the day, I did not just lay there in bed and let her cry out a few more times before she finally got the message that I was not coming in to get her at that moment....and we all fell back to sleep. Not me!

I did not just nod my head, smile, and look at Abby as she continued to talk and talk and talk...about what...I'm not quite sure, but it involved Halloween and decorations for Halloween. I'm always the type of mom that listens to every single word that my talkative 5 year old has to say. Not me!

I did not send my husband to church by himself last night because I wanted to stay at home and watch Regis on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" because that would be just sinful! Not me!

After I did get out of the bed this morning, I jumped up and down at the thought of returning to work tomorrow and that this was going to be my last day of summer vacation. I did do that, didn't I??? Yeah right! Not me!

When I was at Walmart this past week, I did not have such badly beat up sandals on that the bottom of my sandal was completely coming off and was flopping around like a dead fish. So that means I did not look like a fool as I tripped over the flopping sandal several times before I decided to just drag that foot. Not me!

After reading the "social networking rules" from my school district's newsletter, I did not panic and go back and start reading and deleating comments that I made on Facebook or my blog because I was scared that my license would be taken away from me. Not me!

I did not tell my 14 month old the other day, when she was throwing an absolute fit, that I somehow must have been given the wrong baby at the hospital 14 months ago because no child of mine was going to act like that....and...I most certainly did not threaten to take her back to the hospital and exchange her for a more pleasant baby because what mother would say that? Not me!

Wow! That was fun! I'm going to have to start doing that every Monday!