Sunday, November 9, 2008

It was hat day at school...Abby was a cowgirl!

Here's Kate eating with a spoon for the first time.
She mostly kept her tounge out the whole time!

Abby blowing out her candles

Abby's cake...It was a horse party

All the party guests

Abby got a bike from her grammy and pappy

One of her birthday presents
Abby's cake on her birthday

Abby's horse cake she took to share with her class


It has been forever since I've been on here it seems. I started back to work about a month ago. It hasn't been easy. It is so hard to leave the girls everyday.

Kate is 5 months old today. She is getting bigger and so is her personality. Abby had her 5 year old physical the other day. She is very healthy and getting taller. She is 3 inches from being 4 foot tall! She's our little ballerina and soccer player!

I've got a bunch of pictures. Some are from Halloween. Abby was a 50's girl and Kate was a lamb. We also visited a pumpkin patch and got a view pictures there. Abby's 5th birthday was October 13 and there are a few pictures from her party. We had it at Creekmore Park. This was the first time we invited friends from school. There were quite a few kids there. I was TIRED after the party. She had a good day though :)

Since I am finally getting used to going back to work I will be better at updating and adding photos. It's been hard because what I was used to getting done during the day, I have to get done at night now.

Enjoy! :0)