Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kate is 4 months old!

Kate is 4 months old today. How time flies! She has really discovered her feet this week. She loves playing with them and Michael showed her how they can go in her mouth! Gross! She keeps trying to stick her feet in her mouth and I have to keep pulling them out. She is rolling over while lying on her back to her stomach really good now. The other day when I was doing my class at the gym, she was on her blanket and I looked down and she had rolled over! It was funny. She loves to give smiles too. Just smile at her and she will smile back! I have to go back to work on Monday. I don't want to return! I have really enjoyed my time off with Abby and Kate. Monday is going to be very hard so keep me in your prayers! Of all days to return to work....Abby's birthday! I'm going to miss her snack party at school! The pictures of Abby below are of her and the letter bucket. It was Abby's turn this week to bring home the letter bucket. Her letter was "e". We had to go around the house and find items that started with the letter "e". She came up with: earrings, envelope, eraser, Eeyore, elf, Easter bunny, egg, engine (she has a Baldor shirt with an engine on it), elephant, earphones, and eyedrops. We could have put a couple more things in there, but as you can see the bucket was getting full. Abby also made Pappy some brownies. There is a little girl across the street where they live that is always making him brownies. She gets jealous, so she decided to make him brownies. You can see what she looks like after she licks the bowl. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kate Rolls Over!

Kate and I were playing this morning and she was rolling over from her stomach to her back. She's done this before, but everytime I get out the camera she quits. So, I tried getting out the camera again and she did it for the camera! The first video is hilarious. She's talking and then all of the sudden she spits up! The next video she actually rolls over. The picture above this is of her and how proud she is of herself! She wore herself out because right now she is sleeping. :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Abby's Puppy Dixie

Abby has been begging for a puppy for a looooonnnnggg time now. Michael and I have been talking it over and we were going to surprise her with one for her birthday. Well....Abby loves to go to this small, family owned pet store. They have all kinds of animals, but best of all they always have puppies there. You can hold them and play with them. Abby visits so often, she is a little celebrity there. They know her by name! When we walked in this past weekend we saw several puppies. Abby went straight to the chiwawa's. I spotted this cute little blonde puppy. I immediately picked her up and I was sold on her. Abby saw me hold her and fell in love. Long story short, she ours now. We named her Dixie. She's a cocker spaniel mix. She is a doll. Very laid back personality. Doesn't jump, doesn't bark, doesn't bite (which is one thing I hate about most puppies) She is perfect for Abby. Here are some pictures of the puppy and Abby.

When I was fixing Abby's hair yesterday, Kate was laying on the floor and the next thing I know, she had turned over! I grabbed my camera and got a picture. The bottom 2 are of Kate napping. She LOVES to nap in our big chair, I think it's funny! And sometimes when she is napping she has one of her eyes a little open, but she really is sleeping. You can see her doing this in the bottom picture.