Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Every since Abby was a year old we have taken her to Neumeier's Nursery for their annual pumpkin patch celebration and we have carried on the tradition with Kate. It is absolutely beautiful in the fall. There are pumpkins, mums, and other beautiful plants everywhere! I always come home with pumpkins and mums that Abby has picked out. I do NOT have a green thumb, I have a brown thumb! I always have such good intentions, saying that I am going to water the mums or ferns or whatever plant I bring home. I always water them really good for about a week and then the next thing I know...the plant is dead. So, once again, this year I brought home 2 beautiful mums, yellow and white. I know when Michael saw me carrying those things he was thinking that I might as well throw my money out the window!
I got some really good pictures. My favorites are the ones where they are walking under this trelace! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful October! Abby's 6th birthday is this Tuesday! My baby is growing up :(