Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kate's First Day at Mother's Day Out

Last week was such a LONGGGG week! It is really crazy trying to get 3 girls dressed, hair done, teeth brushed, beds made, and breakfast ate before 7:25. But..we did it! We have been very fortunate to have my mother-in-law watch both girls while Michael and I are at work. Her parents are not doing very good, health wise, so she is not able to watch Kate anymore. So...I had to find daycare for Kate. Having to do this after the school year had already started was very stressful and scarey. After calling a couple of people, who watch some of my friends kids, I called Goddard. That is where Abby went to Mother's Day Out and LOVED it! I thought it was a long shot because they would be full, but thought I would give it a try. They have a Mother's Day Out (MDO) program for Kates's age that meets any, or all, days of the week. They also offer before and after school care, for working mothers and fathers. They had ONE spot left. I went and visited with the director and teacher, and Kate and I got to see her classroom. I just love Goddard! I feel totally safe leaving her there knowing that she is going to be taken care of and loved on! If you are ever in need of a place to put your kids, I would recommend them. Now...let me say this...Kate suffers from extreme seperation anxiety. I was really nervous about leaving her because I KNEW she was going to cry. Here are a few pictures before we left the house on her first day of school!

Isn't she all cute in her 1st day of school outfit?!?!

Here she is telling me that she will not cry if I only stay with her!
Watching Micky Mouse...she loves HIM!

I told her that she was going to have fun and she turned her head
and started laughing!

I would take her to school with me if I could!!! Isn't she a doll?!
So Kate is smarter than I thought because when we got to Goddard she knew that something was up because I had her diaper bag. So she knew that she was getting left. Of course she cried, and I cried when I walked out the door. I had to buy waterproof mascara for the event because I KNEW that I would be crying and I didn't have waterproof. It held up really well because through all my tears my mascara stayed on really well. Thank you Cover Girl! I waited until 9:30 and I called to check on her. They said that she was doing really well, she was sad at first, but she had calmed down. It was a long day for me because I was just counting down the minutes to go and get her so that she would see that I was not abandoning her! When I picked her up, she was just fine! The rest of the week went pretty smooth. She didn't cry when I left her on Wednesday, so I thought that maybe that was behind us. She cried Thursday and Friday though :( Her teachers tell me that she is calming down really fast after I leave though. I even think she has made some new friends because she was waving bye-bye to one of her classmates when we were leaving! CUTE!
Kate also brought home her 1st piece of artwork this week. It was a sun!

Look how proud she is!

She is so proud because everytime I hang it on the fridge she takes it off and runs around with it!
We have been fighting a pretty bad diaper rash this week. It's really the first one that she has had. Abby NEVER had a diaper rash! Kate's is looking a lot better though.
Say prayers that we have another smooth week this week!


Stina Krieger said...

Aww lol she did really well I promise!! She really loves being at school